The iconic Chooper is back!

The legendary chopper is back, and it’s had an upgrade.
IconicRide is vying to bring back a symbol of the
1970s while giving it the technology you would expect from an everyday bicycle.

Today’s society has a knack of bringing back classic styles, giving them a second rebirth, creating a new
trend so that younger generations can relive past memories. Like applauding the roar of a
70s Ford Shelby Mustang as it’s driven down the street, to listening to a collection of vinyl that includes
bands such as Led Zeppelin and the Who, the chopper was the retro cruiser loved by many - the iconic bike in the 70s.

Don’t be surprised to have a permanent smile on your face, and being greeted by smiles when out and
about - these bikes are natural mood enhancers
”, said Mario Ciaramellano of IconicRide and Virtual Lab Australia.

Our vision is to bring to life a modern cruiser bicycle with the soul of 60’s and 70’s muscle bikes“.

IconicRide plans to offer consumers moments of childhood memories, while ensuring that modern technology ensures durability and safety.

All the fun, style and attitude, but with up-to-date materials, technology and safety features.

The best-of-both-worlds”, said Mario. “Our bikes have excellent stopping power in dry or wet conditions, much better than the original caliper brakes and insensitive to buckled wheels.

IconicRide project was developed with DCAD VectorSpace.

IconicRide is a Kickstarter company, and needs support to get the wheels in motion.

We have had really good feedback from bicycle enthusiasts. Today, it’s very difficult to buy a chopper,
especially one that offers comfort and safety. I would urge anyone with a keen interest in cycling and the
retro eras to visit our Kickstarter webpage and help bring the chopper to life

For more information about
IconicRide and to support them as a Kickstarter:


Please reading the article from abnewswire.com: http://www.abnewswire.com/pressreleases/australian-team-launches-kickstarter-for-vintage-look-bike_21643.html

To contact Mario Ciaramellano: mario.ciaramellano@virtuallab-tech.com