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DCAD translator
is DCAD VectorSpace's special file format translator.

DCAD translator mainly allows you to convert Vectorworks text format files into DCAD VectorSpace files (PTF 2D).

In further detail, this application was studied up specifically for DCAD VectorSpace users who used Vectorworks in the past and kept their old work files which now need to be converted to
DCAD VectorSpace files.

DCAD translator also allows for the transformation of these files into the XYZ format (along with the choice of separating data using either tabulation or commas), which is the most typical file format for topographical programs NonioC by Interstudio Srl and others. This is done by simply referring to a series of 3D faces drawn up directly in DCAD VectorSpace.

Other formats are currently being researched in order to further obtain more compatibility with specific commercial standards.

Technical specifications:

______- Translator for 2D designs from the Vectorworks format (Vectorworks Text format) to the
______DCAD VectorSpace format (PTF 2D);

______- Layers or single file exportation options (when different graphic scale is available to allow
______better correctness into a DCAD VectorSpace compatible format);

______- Automatic creation of a separate PTF 2D file which contains Vectorworks-only Symbols;

______- A function that allows the assignment of contour colours to Vectorworks 3D objects by reading
______the fill colours (a useful function for Vectorworks exportation when using the .DXF 3D or .DWG 3D
______to then import the resulting files to DCAD VectorSpace);

______- DCAD VectorSpace PTF 3D file format translator to the XYZ format with tabulation or comma
______separation options;


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System requirements: MacOS vers. 10.4-10.5-10.6 (10.7 or superior supported with creation of virtual machine (by installing Parallels Desktop-VMware-VirtualBox) with MacOS 10.5 or 10.6).
Windows vers. Windows XP-Windows Vista-Windows 7-8-10 (recommended).

Language: Italian (others languages not avalable for the moment).

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Software requirements:
DCAD VectorSpace
from version 305.
MiniCAD vers. 7 - Vectorworks from version 8.

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